When you become a parent, you have a natural instinct to protect your children no-matter WHAT. As unrealistic as this is – You want to keep your child in a bubble, protecting them from everything.

Ethan was born a happy and healthy little boy…  

On August 8th 2018, Ethan's life took a different turn that no one expected. Ethan was diagnosed with duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). This is a progressive muscle disease that affects 1:5000 boys, and a small percentage of girls…

Where it stands today, there is no cure.


Statistically, this disease will hit Ethan hard within the next few years. It will start taking away his muscle strength, the ability to walk, and eventually the ability to feed himself - or breathe on his own.

This disease does not and will not define Ethan.

We hope that Ethan's life will inspire you to live each day with faith and love in your heart. We invite you to follow our journey and pray that if a cure isn't found in Ethan's lifetime, that he helps others with this disease come that much closer.

Ethan and our family are Held in the arms of Heroes every day through your prayer, love, support and encouragement.


We're so thankful to have such amazing heroes in our lives.


We've got some crazy ideas from above, and we're surrounded by people with God-gifted talents.


So, please stop back to see real superhero stories unfold. This is just the beginning and it's going to be a wild ride!

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